Hiding photos on your iPhone with iOS 16

Hiding photos on your iPhone with iOS 16 has become even more convenient and secure, thanks to some improvements:

Here’s how you can hide photos on your iPhone with iOS 16:

1. Open the Photos app: Locate the Photos app on your home screen and tap it to launch it.

2. Select the photos you want to hide: Browse through your photo library and find the photo(s) you want to hide. You can select multiple photos by tapping and holding on the first one, then tapping on the others while holding your finger down.

3. Tap the “More” button: Once you’ve selected your desired photos, tap the “More” button (represented by three dots) in the bottom right corner of the screen.

4. Choose “Hide”: From the menu that pops up, tap “Hide” to move the selected photos to the Hidden album.

5. (Optional) Disable the Hidden album: With iOS 16, you can choose to completely hide the Hidden album from your Photos app for enhanced privacy. To do this, go to Settings > Photos > Hidden Photos & Videos and toggle off the switch next to “Hidden Album.” This will make the Hidden album invisible within the Photos app, accessible only via a specific search in the Photos app or through its dedicated URL.


Photos you hide will still be stored on your iPhone but won’t appear in your main Photos library, Moments, Years, or shared albums.
Hidden photos can be accessed through the Hidden album, which is located within the Photos app unless you choose to disable it.
Hiding photos provides organization and privacy within your Photos app, but it doesn’t offer encryption or complete protection from data breaches or unauthorized access.
Additional tips:

You can unhide photos at any time by going to the Hidden album, selecting the photos you want to unhide, and tapping the “More” button followed by “Unhide.”
You can also hide videos along with photos using the same method.

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