Where to find all the Great Fairy Fountains in BOTW

In “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” (BOTW), Great Fairy Fountains are special locations where you can enhance your armor and unlock additional abilities. There are four Great Fairy Fountains scattered across Hyrule. Here’s a guide to finding all of them:

1. Great Fairy Cotera

  • Location: Kakariko Village
  • How to Find:
    1. Head to Kakariko Village, located in the Dueling Peaks region.
    2. From the main village, take the path leading up the hill to the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine.
    3. Continue up the hill past the shrine and follow the path north until you reach a large flower bud surrounded by flowers. This is Cotera’s Fairy Fountain.
  • Cost to Unlock: 100 rupees

2. Great Fairy Kayasa

  • Location: Tabantha Region
  • How to Find:
    1. Head to the Tabantha region, specifically to the Tabantha Frontier area.
    2. Locate the Tabantha Tower and look to the west.
    3. Glide down from the tower towards the Tabantha Great Bridge.
    4. Cross the bridge and look for a path that leads up to a hill.
    5. Follow this path to find Kayasa’s Fairy Fountain.
  • Cost to Unlock: 500 rupees

3. Great Fairy Mija

  • Location: Akkala Region
  • How to Find:
    1. Travel to the Akkala region, north of Death Mountain.
    2. Look for the Akkala Tower and glide southeast towards Lake Akkala.
    3. Locate Dah Hesho Shrine for easier navigation.
    4. From the shrine, head east to find a path that leads down to a large flower bud near the water.
    5. This is Mija’s Fairy Fountain.
  • Cost to Unlock: 1,000 rupees

4. Great Fairy Tera

  • Location: Gerudo Desert
  • How to Find:
    1. Head to the Gerudo region and reach Gerudo Town.
    2. Travel southwest from Gerudo Town towards the southwestern corner of the desert.
    3. Locate the Toruma Dunes area.
    4. Find the Dragon’s Exile sand dune, where Tera’s Fairy Fountain is hidden inside a large skeleton.
    5. Climb up to the large flower bud located within the skeleton.
  • Cost to Unlock: 10,000 rupees

Tips for Unlocking the Great Fairy Fountains

  • Collect Rupees: You’ll need a total of 11,600 rupees to unlock all four Great Fairy Fountains. Selling gems, cooking and selling high-value meals, and completing side quests can help you gather the required rupees.
  • Enhance Armor: Once a Great Fairy is unlocked, you can use specific materials to enhance your armor, which increases its defensive capabilities and can sometimes grant additional effects.

Finding and unlocking the Great Fairy Fountains in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is essential for upgrading your gear and enhancing your abilities. By following this guide, you can easily locate each fountain and gather the necessary resources to unlock their full potential. Enjoy exploring Hyrule and discovering all the secrets it has to offer!