Complete Guide to Move from Android to iPhone

Here’s a complete guide to move from Android to iPhone:

Step 1: Backup your Android device Before you start the process of moving from Android to iPhone, it is important to back up your Android device. You can back up your Android device using Google Drive or other cloud services.

Step 2: Turn on your new iPhone Turn on your new iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the Apps & Data screen.

Step 3: Choose the option to move from Android On the Apps & Data screen, select the option Move Data from Android.

Step 4: Download and install the Move to iOS app Download and install the Move to iOS app on your Android device from the Google Play Store.

Step 5: Open the Move to iOS app Open the Move to iOS app on your Android device and tap Continue.

Step 6: Agree to terms and conditions Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 7: Enter the code On your iPhone, tap Continue on the Move from Android screen and wait for a code to appear. Enter the code on your Android device.

Step 8: Choose the data to transfer Select the data you want to transfer from your Android device to your iPhone, such as contacts, photos, messages, and more.

Step 9: Wait for the transfer to complete The transfer may take some time depending on the amount of data to be transferred. Keep both devices close to each other until the transfer is complete.

Step 10: Set up your new iPhone Once the transfer is complete, you can set up your new iPhone as a new device or restore from a backup. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily move from Android to iPhone and transfer your data.