What Is Samsung Free, and How Do I Turn It Off?

“Samsung Free” is a feature found on some Samsung smartphones that provides users with personalized content, including news, articles, videos, games, and more, directly on their device’s home screen. It’s often integrated into the “swipe left” screen that’s adjacent to the main home screen. The content provided by Samsung Free is curated based on your interests and browsing habits.

If you want to turn off or disable Samsung Free on your Samsung smartphone, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Access the Home Screen: Unlock your Samsung device and navigate to the main home screen.
  2. Swipe Left: On most Samsung devices with the Samsung Free feature, you can access it by swiping left on your home screen. This will bring up the Samsung Free screen, where you’ll see news, articles, videos, and more.
  3. Customize or Disable: Depending on your device’s software version, you may have different options for customizing or disabling Samsung Free.

    a. Option 1: Disable Samsung Free:

    • Look for a settings icon or a three-dot menu icon on the Samsung Free screen.
    • Tap on the icon to open the settings or customization options.
    • Look for an option to “Turn Off” or “Disable” Samsung Free. This might vary depending on your device’s software version.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the action.

    b. Option 2: Customize Content:

    • Some devices may allow you to customize the content that appears in Samsung Free.
    • Look for a settings icon or a gear icon on the Samsung Free screen.
    • Tap on the icon to access customization settings.
    • From here, you may be able to control the types of content that appear or adjust your interests.

    Keep in mind that the options and steps may vary based on your specific Samsung device model, the version of Samsung Free, and the version of the operating system your device is running.

  4. Restart Your Phone (Optional): After making changes to the Samsung Free settings, consider restarting your phone to ensure that the changes take effect.

If you’re having trouble finding the specific settings to disable Samsung Free on your device, I recommend referring to the user manual for your device or looking for online resources specific to your device model and software version. Additionally, keep in mind that Samsung’s software interfaces can vary slightly between different models and versions.

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