What is Caret Browsing in Windows 10?

Caret Browsing is a feature in Windows 10 that allows users to navigate and select text using the keyboard. This feature is particularly useful for those who may have difficulty using a mouse or trackpad. When Caret Browsing is enabled, a movable cursor, known as the caret, appears on the screen, allowing users to navigate through text, select, and edit it using keyboard commands.

Here’s how to enable and use Caret Browsing in Windows 10:

  1. Enable Caret Browsing:
    • Press F7 on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can enable it through the settings:
      1. Open the “Settings” app (press Win + I).
      2. Go to “Ease of Access.”
      3. In the left sidebar, select “Narrator.”
      4. Scroll down to the “Text cursor” section.
      5. Toggle the switch under “Enable caret browsing.”
  2. Using Caret Browsing:
    • Once Caret Browsing is enabled, you can use the following keyboard commands to navigate and select text:
      • Arrow keys: Move the caret in the desired direction.
      • Ctrl + Shift + Right/Left Arrow: Select text one word at a time.
      • Shift + Up/Down Arrow: Select text line by line.
      • Ctrl + A: Select all text.
      • Ctrl + C: Copy selected text.
      • Ctrl + X: Cut selected text.
      • Ctrl + V: Paste text.
      • Delete or Backspace: Delete selected text.
  3. Disable Caret Browsing:
    • To disable Caret Browsing, press F7 again or go back to the “Text cursor” section in the Ease of Access settings and toggle off “Enable caret browsing.”

Caret Browsing is a feature designed to improve accessibility for users with mobility challenges or those who prefer keyboard navigation. It provides an alternative method for interacting with text on the screen without relying on a mouse or touch input. Keep in mind that the specific steps and keyboard commands may vary slightly based on your Windows 10 version and updates.

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