Every single Onewheel is being recalled after four deaths

The thrill of carving pavement on a single, self-balancing wheel just came to a screeching halt. In a move driven by concern for safety, every single Onewheel model is being recalled, following four reported deaths and numerous serious injuries. This decision, announced in October 2023 by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in conjunction with manufacturer Future Motion, marks a turning point for the popular electric skateboard brand.

The heart of the issue lies in potential loss of balance. Under certain conditions, exceeding the board’s limits or encountering unexpected terrain can cause it to malfunction, throwing the rider off. This risk, amplified by the absence of handlebars and the unique learning curve inherent in riding a single wheel, has proven tragically real.

While details of the fatal accidents remain private, reports of injuries paint a grim picture. Head trauma, paralysis, fractures, and ligament damage are among the devastating consequences documented. In at least three of the fatal crashes, riders were not wearing helmets, highlighting the crucial role of proper safety gear in mitigating risks.

This recall is not solely a reactive measure. The CPSC had previously urged Future Motion to issue a recall, but the company initially resisted. The recent tragedies, however, underscored the urgency of action, leading to the comprehensive recall now in effect.

What does this mean for Onewheel owners? They are strongly advised to immediately stop using their boards and contact Future Motion through the recall website to arrange for a free repair or replacement. The company is offering software updates and hardware modifications aimed at addressing the balancing issue.

This recall casts a shadow over the future of Onewheels. While riders appreciate the unique experience these boards offer, safety must always be the paramount concern. Moving forward, Future Motion faces the critical task of not only rectifying existing risks but also instilling a culture of safety within the Onewheel community. Riders, too, must prioritize responsible riding practices and ensure proper protection.

It remains to be seen if Onewheels can regain their once-shining reputation. However, one thing is clear: in the quest for exhilarating rides, one cannot afford to leave safety behind. Let this recall serve as a stark reminder that innovation must go hand-in-hand with responsibility, ensuring that every thrill is enjoyed with due caution.

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