The best iPhone keyboard apps in 2024

Level Up Your Typing: Top iPhone Keyboard Apps in 2024

The stock iPhone keyboard is great, but for many users, it doesn’t quite cut it. Whether you crave blazing-fast typing speeds, a more personalized experience, or a keyboard overflowing with emojis and GIFs, there’s a third-party app waiting to revolutionize your iPhone communication.

Here’s a breakdown of the best iPhone keyboard apps in 2024 to suit your specific needs:

  • Master of Prediction: Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

    SwiftKey takes the crown for users who prioritize speed and accuracy. Its AI engine, Copilot, learns your writing style over time, suggesting next words and even entire phrases for effortless typing.

  • The All-Rounder: Gboard – the Google Keyboard

    Gboard is a fantastic all-purpose option. It boasts excellent swipe typing, a massive library of emoji and GIFs for expressive communication, and seamless integration with Google Search, allowing you to search directly from the keyboard.

  • The Emoji Extravaganza: Font Keyboard

    For those who live and breathe emojis, look no further than Font Keyboard. It explodes with a mind-boggling array of emojis, fonts, and themes, letting you personalize your keyboard and express yourself in flamboyant style.

  • The Bitmoji Bonanza: Bitmoji

    Love incorporating your Bitmoji avatar into your messages? This app integrates seamlessly with your keyboard, allowing you to send a vast array of Bitmoji stickers that reflect your every mood and situation.

  • The Customization King: Fleksy

    If you crave a keyboard that reflects your unique personality, Fleksy reigns supreme. It offers a mind-blowing range of customization options, from themes and layouts to swipe trails and typing effects.

Choosing the Perfect Keyboard

There’s no single “best” keyboard app – it depends on your individual needs. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Typing style: Do you prefer swipe or tap typing?
  • Customization: How important is a personalized look and feel?
  • Features: Do you prioritize advanced features like glide typing or multilingual support?

Remember, you can always experiment! Most keyboard apps offer free trials, so download a few and see which one makes your fingers fly.