How and where to replace your old, depleted iPhone battery

Is your iPhone clinging to life by a thread of charger cord? Does the mere mention of “low battery” trigger an anxiety attack? Fear not, weary traveler, for a solution exists! Replacing your iPhone’s aging battery can grant it a glorious second wind, and breathe new life into your digital companion. But where do you go? And how do you do it, without turning your phone into a paperweight? Worry no more, for this guide is here to illuminate your path!

The Choice is Yours: DIY or Pro?

Replacing your iPhone battery presents two main paths: DIY (Do It Yourself) and professional service. Each has its pros and cons:


  • Pros: Save money, feel the satisfaction of self-reliance, countless online guides and tutorials available.
  • Cons: Risky for the faint of heart, requires delicate tools and techniques, potential to void warranty, might not be feasible for newer models.

Professional Service:

  • Pros: Guaranteed quality with minimal risk, expert technicians handle everything, preserves warranty (with Apple or authorized providers).
  • Cons: Costs more than DIY, might involve waiting times, less personalized experience.

Picking Your Path:

DIY Warriors: If you’re handy, enjoy a challenge, and own an iPhone 12 or older, iFixit is your best friend. They offer comprehensive guides, toolkits, and high-quality replacement batteries. Proceed with caution, though, and double-check warranty implications.

Pro Seekers: Apple themselves offer battery replacements at their stores or through mail-in service. It’s reliable but pricier. Alternatively, authorized service providers (ASPs) often offer competitive rates and similar expertise.

Battery-Check Bliss: Before embarking on your battery crusade, check your iPhone’s battery health. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. If it’s below 80%, consider replacement!

A Few Extra Tips:

  • Backup your data: Always, always, always back up your iPhone before any repair.
  • Gather your tools: If DIYing, ensure you have the necessary tools and equipment to avoid damage.
  • Follow instructions carefully: Don’t be afraid to take your time and consult guides. Safety first!
  • Ask for help: If DIY gets overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance.

With these tips in hand, you’re well on your way to restoring your iPhone to its former glory. Remember, a new battery is an investment in convenience, peace of mind, and possibly those precious Instagram story uploads. So go forth, replace with confidence, and enjoy the extended life you’ve just gifted your beloved iPhone!

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