Pixel 6/6 Pro Review

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Google’s 2021 flagship offerings, arrived with ambitious promises of AI-powered magic and camera wizardry. But have they held up to the hype after a year in the limelight? Let’s dissect their strengths and weaknesses:

Pixel 6 Pro: King of the Pixel Castle?


  • Camera Champion: The 50MP main sensor and 48MP telephoto lens capture stunningly detailed photos with vibrant colors and impressive dynamic range. Google’s computational photography prowess shines, especially in low-light conditions and with features like Magic Eraser and Real Tone.
  • Tensor Chip Tweak: The custom Tensor chip powers AI features like Live Translate and Call Screen, adding a layer of Google-y magic to the user experience. It also contributes to fast performance and smooth multitasking.
  • Display Delight: The 6.7-inch 120Hz AMOLED display is a visual feast, offering vibrant colors, sharp details, and a buttery smooth refresh rate for a delightful viewing experience.
  • Design Déjà Vu: While not groundbreaking, the unique two-tone design with the prominent camera bar stands out from the crowd and retains a certain charm.


  • Battery Blues: Battery life can be inconsistent, leaving some users reaching for the charger more often than they’d like.
  • Performance Hiccups: While generally smooth, performance can occasionally stutter under heavy workloads, especially compared to some smoother-running competitors.
  • Software Stumbles: Pixel UI, while clean and bloatware-free, has experienced some bugs and quirks, with updates being crucial for ironing them out.
  • Price Parity: The price tag edges closer to established flagships, making the value proposition debatable compared to other similarly priced options.

Pixel 6: Mighty Mini or Mini Miss?


  • Camera Challenger: The main camera delivers surprisingly good photos for its price point, and Google’s computational photography still works its magic, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Tensor Tweak Lite: The Tensor chip also powers the Pixel 6, offering some AI features and decent performance for everyday tasks.
  • Compact Comrade: The smaller 6.4-inch size might be a welcome relief for those who find larger phones unwieldy.
  • Pixel UI Charm: Like its bigger sibling, the Pixel 6 benefits from the clean and bloatware-free Pixel UI experience.


  • Battery Blues (Again): The battery life is even weaker than the 6 Pro, making frequent charging a reality for heavy users.
  • Performance Blips: The Tensor chip’s performance limitations are more noticeable in the Pixel 6, with occasional lag and stutters under demanding tasks.
  • Display Downgrade: The 90Hz display, while still smooth, isn’t as impressive as the 120Hz on the Pro and might feel like a step back for some users.
  • Plastic Fantastic (or Not): The plastic back, while lightweight, feels less premium compared to the Pro’s glass back.

The Pixel Verdict:

Both Pixel 6 and 6 Pro offer compelling cameras, unique designs, and the clean Pixel UI experience. However, battery life concerns, occasional performance hiccups, and price tags nearing flagship territory hold them back from reaching the top of the mountain.

Who Should Rule with the 6 Pro:

  • Photography enthusiasts who crave Google’s camera magic and don’t mind the price tag.
  • Android purists who appreciate the clean and bloatware-free Pixel UI.
  • Users who don’t mind a larger phone and prioritize a smooth 120Hz display.

Who Might Seek a Different Realm:

  • Power users who demand long battery life and top-notch performance.
  • Value-conscious buyers who might find better features and price points elsewhere.
  • Those who prefer a smaller phone but can manage with slightly weaker performance (consider the Pixel 5a for an even smaller and more budget-friendly option).

Who Should Rule with the 6 Mini:

  • Budget-conscious camera enthusiasts who prioritize Google’s photo processing magic.
  • Users who prefer a smaller phone and don’t mind the compromises in battery life and display refresh rate.
  • Pixel UI fans who want a compact and affordable option.

Who Might Seek a Different Kingdom:

  • Users who need long battery life and smooth performance for demanding tasks.
  • Those who prioritize a larger screen and premium design.
  • Value-conscious buyers who might find better features and price points in other mid-range options.

Ultimately, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are strong contenders with undeniable strengths, but they come with trade-offs. Choosing between them depends on your individual priorities and whether the Google magic outweighs the occasional