How to Get a Caps Lock Key on Your Chromebook

Chromebooks typically lack a dedicated Caps Lock key in their standard keyboard layout. Instead, Chrome OS offers an alternative method to enable Caps Lock functionality using a keyboard shortcut. Here’s how you can enable and use Caps Lock on your Chromebook:

1. Keyboard Shortcut:

  • To enable Caps Lock, press the “Alt” + “Search” keys simultaneously. The “Search” key is denoted by a magnifying glass or a circle icon and is usually located where the “Caps Lock” key would be on a traditional keyboard.

2. Search Key Location:

  • On most Chromebooks, the “Search” key is located to the left of the “Alt” key, between the “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys.

3. Caps Lock Indicator:

  • When Caps Lock is enabled, you should see a small notification icon appear on the bottom-right corner of the screen. It looks like a capital letter “A” with an arrow pointing upward.

4. Disable Caps Lock:

  • To disable Caps Lock, simply press the “Alt” + “Search” keys again.

Using the “Alt” + “Search” keyboard shortcut, you can effectively toggle Caps Lock functionality on and off without the need for a dedicated Caps Lock key. This keyboard shortcut is designed to make the most of the limited physical keys on Chromebooks while providing access to essential functions like Caps Lock.

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