How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps

Dropping a Pin in Google Maps: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


  1. Launch your web browser and head to Google Maps.
  2. Find your desired location:
    • Search for an address in the top bar.
    • Navigate the map manually using the zoom/pan tools.
    • Click on an existing map marker (e.g., a business).
  3. Place the pin:
    • Click once on the exact spot you want to mark.
    • A red pin should appear alongside an information box below.


  1. Open the Google Maps app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Locate your point of interest:
    • Enter an address in the search bar.
    • Scroll and zoom the map to pinpoint your location.
    • Tap on a nearby landmark or business marker.
  3. Drop the pin:
    • Touch and hold your finger on the exact spot you want to mark.
    • A red pin will appear, and a menu pops up at the bottom.

Customizing and Sharing:

  • Desktop: Click the red pin, then choose “Label” to name it. Click “Share” to send the pin location via various methods.
  • Mobile: Tap the red pin, then choose “Label” to add a name. Tap “Share” to send the pin location through different options.

Removing a Pin:

  • Desktop: Click the red pin and select “Remove” from the information box.
  • Mobile: Tap the red pin and choose “Remove” from the bottom menu.


  • You can always zoom in or out to pinpoint your desired location more precisely.
  • Dropped pins are saved in your Google Maps account, accessible across devices.

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