Google Pixel 7/Pro Review

Google Pixel 7/Pro Review: Polished Pixels But Still Chasing Perfection

The Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro arrive, promising refinements on the successful formula that redefined smartphone photography. But do these Pixels shine brighter than ever, or do they get lost in the constellation of flagship contenders? Let’s zoom in for a closer look:


  • Elevated Photography: Google continues to reign supreme in mobile photography. The new Tensor 2 chip unlocks even better night shots, Magic Eraser magic, and stunning portrait photography. It’s truly point-and-shoot excellence.
  • Display Delight: Both models boast vibrant and smooth AMOLED displays, perfect for scrolling through social media, watching videos, and gaming. The Pro’s 120Hz refresh rate adds an extra layer of visual fluidity.
  • Clean and Fast Software: Pixel UI remains a joy to use, offering an intuitive interface and quick updates. It’s free from bloatware and prioritizes user experience.
  • Battery Boost: The Pixel 7 boasts improved battery life compared to its predecessor, while the Pro delivers solid performance. You can get through most days on a single charge.


  • Familiar Design: While sleek and comfortable to hold, the design feels like an iteration, not a revolution. Some might crave a more distinct look.
  • Price Parity: The Pixel 7 Pro’s price tag inches closer to rivals like the iPhone 14 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, making value comparisons crucial.
  • Telephoto Lag: The Pro’s telephoto lens struggles with autofocus at times, leaving room for improvement in zoom capabilities.
  • Tensor Tweaks: While impressive, the Tensor 2 chip doesn’t deliver a significant performance leap compared to the competition.

The Verdict:

The Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are refined smartphones with excellent cameras, clean software, and dependable battery life. However, the familiar design, higher price tag, and some lingering camera quirks keep them from unseating the reigning champions.

Who Should Shine with the Pixel 7/Pro:

  • Photography enthusiasts who prioritize the best smartphone camera experience.
  • Google fans who value the pure and bloatware-free Pixel UI.
  • Users who want a reliable and well-rounded smartphone experience with long battery life.

Who Might Look for Other Stars:

  • Users seeking a more cutting-edge design or unique features.
  • Budget-conscious buyers who can find similar features at a lower price point.
  • Those who require the absolute best zoom capabilities or raw processing power.

Ultimately, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are excellent smartphones, but they don’t quite reach the peak of the competitive mountain. They shine brightly, but the choice depends on your individual priorities and budget.