The best cheap cell phone plans 2023

Finding the best cheap cell phone plan in 2023 depends on what you prioritize:

Overall Value:

  • Mint Mobile: Highly affordable prepaid plans with decent data allotments and no contracts. Popular choices include:

    • 3-month plan with 5GB: Starting at $15/month (limited-time promotion with extra months)
    • 12-month plan with 15GB: $20/month
    • 12-month plan with “unlimited” data (40GB): $30/month
  • Visible (by Verizon): Access to Verizon’s extensive network at lower costs. Offers:

    • Single line: $30/month
    • Unlimited data, talk, and text with hotspot (limited time offer): $45/month

True Budget Options:

  • Tello Mobile: Build your own plan with customizable data, talk, and text options. Extremely affordable, starting at:

    • 200 minutes talk, 200 texts, 1GB data: $6/month
    • Unlimited talk and text, 1GB data: $10/month
  • Cricket Wireless: Budget-friendly plans with nationwide coverage from AT&T. Consider:

    • Cricket Core: Unlimited talk, text, and 1.5GB data for $30/month
    • Cricket Unlimited: Unlimited talk, text, and data (throttled after 22GB) for $60/month

Additional factors to consider:

  • Your data usage: Choose a plan with enough data to cover your needs.
  • Network coverage: Ensure the carrier provides good coverage in your area.
  • Contract vs. prepaid: Prepaid plans offer flexibility but might not have the best deals.
  • Extras: Some plans offer perks like hotspot access or international data.

Resources to help you compare:

Remember, the best cheap plan for you depends on your individual needs and priorities. Research thoroughly and compare options before making a decision.

Please keep in mind that I am based in the US, and the best cheap plans might differ depending on your location.