How to Create a Distribution List in Outlook

Creating a distribution list, also known as a contact group, in Outlook can save you time when sending emails to a group of people. Here’s how to create a distribution list in Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook and click on the “People” icon at the bottom of the screen to open your Contacts.
  2. Click on the “New Contact Group” button in the “Home” tab.
  3. In the “Contact Group” window that opens, type in a name for your distribution list in the “Name” field.
  4. Click on “Add Members” to add contacts to your distribution list.
  5. Choose “From Outlook Contacts” to add people from your existing contacts list or “New E-mail Contact” to add a new email address.
  6. Select the people you want to add to your distribution list and click “Members” to add them.
  7. Click “OK” to close the “Members” window and add the selected contacts to your distribution list.
  8. Click “Save & Close” to save your distribution list.

Once you’ve created a distribution list in Outlook, you can use it to send emails to multiple contacts at once by simply typing the name of the distribution list in the “To” field of a new email.

Overall, creating a distribution list in Outlook can be a useful way to organize your contacts and save time when sending emails to groups of people.