What is YouTube Premium? Price, content, and more

YouTube Premium: Unveiling the Perks Behind the Red Button

YouTube, the world’s video-sharing giant, offers a premium service packed with benefits for avid viewers. Intrigued by the little red “Premium” button but unsure what it entails? This article is your one-stop guide to exploring YouTube Premium, its pricing, content, and whether it’s the right fit for you.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that enhances the YouTube viewing experience by eliminating those pesky ads that interrupt your videos. But that’s not all! Here’s a breakdown of the key perks you get with YouTube Premium:

  • Ad-Free Viewing: Say goodbye to pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads that disrupt your viewing flow. Enjoy uninterrupted access to your favorite YouTube channels and content.
  • Background Play: Premium allows you to keep videos playing even when your phone or tablet screen is locked or minimized. Listen to music videos, podcasts, or educational content while on the go or multitasking.
  • YouTube Music Premium: This perk throws in YouTube Music Premium, a separate app offering ad-free music streaming with millions of songs, music videos, and curated playlists.
  • Download Videos for Offline Viewing: Download your favorite videos and playlists to watch later, even without an internet connection. Perfect for airplane rides, commutes, or areas with limited internet access.
  • YouTube Originals: Gain access to YouTube Originals, a library of exclusive shows and movies produced by YouTube. Explore documentaries, comedies, dramas, and more, all ad-free.

How Much Does YouTube Premium Cost?

YouTube Premium offers various subscription plans to suit your needs:

  • Individual Plan: This is the most common option, priced at $13.99 per month (as of October 2024).
  • Family Plan: Share the benefits with up to five family members living in the same household for $22.99 per month.
  • Student Plan: Eligible students can enjoy a discounted rate of $7.99 per month (verification required).

Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

Consider these factors to decide if YouTube Premium aligns with your viewing habits:

  • How often are you annoyed by ads? If ads are a major frustration, eliminating them with Premium can significantly enhance your experience.
  • Do you use YouTube for music listening? The bundled YouTube Music Premium can replace separate music streaming subscriptions.
  • Do you want to download videos for offline viewing? This feature is valuable for travel or areas with spotty internet.
  • Are you interested in YouTube Originals? If exclusive content piques your interest, Premium unlocks this library.

Getting Started with YouTube Premium:

Head over to the YouTube website or app and look for the “Premium” tab or button. You can usually start a free trial to test out the service before committing to a paid subscription.

In Conclusion:

YouTube Premium offers a compelling package of ad-free viewing, background play, downloads, and YouTube Music Premium. If you’re a frequent YouTube viewer who finds ads intrusive and values the additional features, YouTube Premium might be a worthwhile investment. However, if you can tolerate ads and don’t necessarily need the extra perks, the free version of YouTube remains a solid option.