What Is “coreaudiod,” and Why Is It Running on My Mac?

“coreaudiod” is a system process on macOS that is responsible for managing audio services and functions. It plays a crucial role in handling audio input and output, including managing sound from applications, system sounds, and external audio devices. Coreaudiod ensures that audio is processed correctly, routed to the appropriate output devices (such as built-in speakers or headphones), and adjusted according to system settings and user preferences.

In simpler terms, coreaudiod is the part of the macOS operating system that manages all things related to audio, allowing you to hear sound from your Mac and control how it behaves. It’s constantly running in the background to ensure that audio functions work smoothly across various applications and devices.

If you notice “coreaudiod” running on your Mac, it’s completely normal and expected. It’s a fundamental part of the macOS architecture, and you should not terminate or disable this process, as it could lead to audio-related issues or even system instability. If you’re experiencing problems with audio on your Mac, there might be other ways to address them without interfering with the coreaudiod process.

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