What Is a Streak on Snapchat? (and How to Start One)

A streak on Snapchat refers to a consecutive number of days that you and a friend have sent at least one snap (photo or video) to each other. Streaks are indicated by a fire emoji and the number of days you’ve maintained the streak next to your friend’s username. Streaks have become a popular feature on Snapchat and are often seen as a way to show consistent communication and friendship.

Here’s how you can start a streak on Snapchat:

  1. Add a Friend: To start a streak, you need to have a friend added on Snapchat. If you’re not already friends with the person, you’ll need to send them a friend request and have them accept it.
  2. Send Snaps: Once you’re friends, start sending snaps to each other. It’s important that both of you send at least one snap to each other within a 24-hour window to maintain the streak.
  3. See the Streak Counter: After sending snaps back and forth for two consecutive days, you’ll notice a fire emoji and the number “2” next to your friend’s username. This indicates that you’ve started a streak.
  4. Maintain the Streak: To keep the streak going, make sure you and your friend continue to send snaps to each other every day. The number next to the fire emoji will increase with each consecutive day.

Remember that streaks require consistent effort, and if you or your friend miss sending snaps within a 24-hour period, the streak will be broken, and the counter will reset to zero. Some people enjoy maintaining streaks as a fun way to stay in touch, while others might find it challenging to keep up with daily snaps.

It’s worth noting that Snapchat’s streak feature is just one aspect of the app’s social dynamics, and while it can be entertaining, it’s not a mandatory or essential part of using Snapchat. If you and your friends enjoy streaks, they can be a fun way to engage with the platform, but it’s important to use the app in a way that feels comfortable and enjoyable for you.

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