What Does “IKR” Mean, and How Do You Use It? – How-To Geek

“IKR” stands for “I know, right?” It’s an acronym commonly used in informal online conversations, particularly in texting, messaging apps, and social media platforms. “IKR” is often used to express agreement or to acknowledge that the speaker shares the same opinion or sentiment as the person they are communicating with.

Here’s an example of how “IKR” might be used in a conversation:

Person A: “That movie was amazing! The special effects were mind-blowing!” Person B: “IKR? I was blown away by the visuals!”

In this example, Person B is using “IKR” to show that they agree with Person A’s opinion about the movie’s special effects.

The usage of “IKR” is generally informal and should be used in casual conversations with friends or people you are familiar with. It’s not typically appropriate for formal or professional settings, where more standard language should be used. As with any internet slang, it’s essential to consider the context and relationship with the person you’re communicating with to ensure that using “IKR” is appropriate.

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