What animal is way bigger than what the average person thinks it is?

We all know animals in the wild are usually pretty big. But it is quite hard to understand how big they actually are if you are not used to see them close.

A good example would be Rhinoceros. Those who never actually went to national park or safari park and have only watched them on National Geography will have a pretty tough time to grasp how big this animal is. Because I saw one up close. It was huge by any human standard.

An average size for this Rhinos are 3.7 – 4 meter. Just go right now and measure 4 meter and try to image this animal there, you will be surprised. Also it weighs about 1.5 to 2 Tons. It’s like two Truck one on the top of another.

Another example will be this thing which is pretty big not just by human standard but by any standard – I think you guess it right, the Hippo!.

An adult Hippopotamus is about 3.3 – 5.2 meter long and weighs more or less like Rhinos. If you do not know how big it is, I can tell you, you can actually sit on it’s mouth between two big teeth on both of your sides.

Now that you know about this two massive beast, one animal that makes them look like Dwarf is Elephant. Quite and simple, gentle Elephant.

An average size for Asian Adult elephant is 5.5 – 6.5 meter with height close to 3 meter height !

Every time you will see this being up close, I am sure you will be amazed. What a massive, beautiful piece of work this is. Nature is indeed the greatest artist of all.

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