The 18 Best Portable Chargers for All of Your Devices

Finding the perfect portable charger for your needs can be a jungle with so many options out there. Worry not, intrepid explorer, for I’ve compiled a handy guide to the 18 best portable chargers, catering to diverse charging demands and budgets:

Powerhouse Packs:

  • Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD: Compact and powerful, perfect for everyday top-ups with USB-C PD fast charging. (Mid-range)
  • Mophie Powerstation Pro AC: Charge laptops and more with its built-in AC outlet, ideal for power-hungry users. (High-end)
  • Zendure SuperTank Pro: Massive 26,800mAh capacity conquers multi-day adventures and powers heavier devices. (High-end)

Pocket Pals:

  • Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: Snaps wirelessly onto iPhones for on-the-go charging, ideal for Apple users. (Mid-range)
  • Belkin BoostCharge Plus 10K: Small and light with built-in cables, perfect for slipping into your pocket or bag. (Budget-friendly)
  • TravelCard Plus: Ultra-thin design with powerful USB-C PD and built-in cables, ideal for minimalist travelers. (High-end)

Techie Treats:

  • Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000: Doubles as a wall charger and portable charger, saving space and streamlining travel. (Budget-friendly)
  • Infinacore Pandora Portable Power Global Wireless Charger: Hybrid wall charger and power bank with wireless charging, a versatile desk/travel companion. (Mid-range)
  • Scosche GoBat 10K: USB-C PD and regular USB ports cater to various devices, making it a tech-friendly pick. (Mid-range)

Adventurer’s Arsenal:

  • Eton American Red Cross Clipray: Emergency radio, flashlight, and power bank in one, ideal for preparedness kits. (Budget-friendly)
  • BioLite Charge 80: Solar panel recharges the power bank, perfect for eco-conscious adventurers. (Mid-range)
  • GoalZero Nomad Plus Solar Panel: Pair with a compatible power bank for solar-powered charging in the wilderness. (Mid-range)

Unique Options:

  • Nimble Champ Pro: Innovative folding design maximizes portability and doubles as a phone stand. (High-end)
  • Shaركة Powerbank with Light: Built-in LED light adds an extra layer of functionality, perfect for camping or emergencies. (Mid-range)
  • Yootech Wireless Power Bank: Wireless charging pad built into the power bank for cable-free convenience. (Mid-range)

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