How to take control of another computer using Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Need to access your work files from home? Help a friend troubleshoot their PC? Google Chrome Remote Desktop is your answer! This free, cross-platform tool lets you securely access any computer with Chrome installed, from anywhere in the world.

Let’s dive into the steps:

1. Setting up remote access:

  • On the computer you want to control (the “host”):
    • Visit in Chrome.
    • Click “Download” and follow the installation prompts.
    • Enable remote access and choose a PIN for security.
  • On the computer you’ll be using to control (the “client”):
    • Install Chrome if you haven’t already.
    • Visit
    • Click “Access” and choose the host computer you set up earlier.
    • Enter the PIN you created and voila! You’re in.

2. Navigation and control:

  • You’ll see the host computer’s screen mirrored on your client.
  • Use your mouse and keyboard to control the host as if you were sitting right in front of it.
  • Transfer files between the computers with drag-and-drop or the clipboard.
  • Access audio and video on the host through your client speakers and microphone.

3. Additional features:

  • Remote support: Generate a temporary access code on the host to allow someone else to assist you remotely.
  • Multi-device access: Control computers from your phone or tablet with the Chrome Remote Desktop app.
  • Security: All connections are encrypted and protected by your PIN.


  • Both computers need a stable internet connection for smooth remote access.
  • Don’t share your PIN with anyone you don’t trust.
  • Be mindful of what you do while remotely controlling another computer.

With these tips and Google Chrome Remote Desktop, controlling another computer becomes a breeze. So go forth, conquer your files, and lend a helping hand (virtually) to those in need!

Bonus tip: Check out the advanced settings on for additional customization options, like setting a specific access duration or configuring keyboard shortcuts.

Happy remote controlling!

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