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Doctor’s advice on Common Digestive Conditions

Stomach problems start with the change of seasons. Water and various foods can cause diarrhea at the beginning of the rainy season. This problem is mainly due to bacteria. But early in the winter, both bacterial and viral diarrhea can occur. Viral diarrhea mainly affects children. On the other hand, adults suffer from diarrhea due to outside food, refrigerated food, processed food, various problems related to digestion from fast food, food poisoning etc.

Q: What are the symptoms of stomach problems?

Answer: Abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, reluctance to eat, abdominal weight, not being hungry, then you have to understand that there is a problem in the stomach. It may be that he plays in the morning and does not want to eat till the afternoon. Some people, however, already have gastrointestinal (GI) problems. Maybe the stool is not cleaned regularly. It’s been two days, not one day. On the other hand, there is another group of people who have to go to the toilet again and again. More than once a day. Panic on the road, when the speed comes. In this case, we have to keep an eye on whether the problem is increasing or not.

Q: What are the possible causes of stomach problems?

Answer: Multiple problems can occur mainly due to poor digestion of food. Playing something other than a year-round routine can cause indigestion. Especially during the pujo and festival season before winter, the tendency to eat spicy food, meat, sweets, fast food increases. Problems like indigestion, acidity, inflammation of the stomach, nausea, and body aches occur due to this change in eating habits.

Q: At what times of the year do stomach problems increase?

Answer: It may increase in early winter, as in September. It gets colder in November, December or January. In fact, there are several changes in eating habits during this time. After that the problem started again in intense heat. From June-July to August-September. It has been observed that patients usually suffer a lot for 3-4 months in a year. The rest of the year is fairly good. However, gallbladder or bile duct related problems continue to occur throughout the year.

Q: Usually the tendency to drink alcohol increases in winter. In that case there may be additional problems?

Answer: Not only in winter, but also in the season of Pujo, many people drink alcohol. Alcohol causes many of them to have pancreatitis at the end of the festive season and at the beginning of winter. However, as Durgapur is an industrial area, the tendency to drink alcohol is more than five other places. So patients come all year round with problems caused by pancreatitis.

Q: Does a change in diet or indigestion only increase stomach problems?

Answer: In case of various viral diseases, such as influenza, the respiratory tract becomes infected. Then GI problem also occurs. For example, the dengue virus. Usually there is fever, headache, joint pain, low platelets. But many times the liver can also be affected. Either the platelets are not decreasing so much. Dengue can cause liver, kidney and heart failure. Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B can also lead to acute liver failure. In that case, the risk of death is 80 percent. Although it is possible in some cases in western countries, liver transplantation is still almost impossible in our country due to lack of donors, lack of infrastructure etc. But the only way to survive in this case is to change the liver.

Q: What can be eaten in general?

Answer: People who have dyspepsia or functional bile disease should not eat food like milk or televaja. Milk or dairy products must be excluded. Milk-tea should be stopped and green tea or lemon tea should be consumed. In particular, the habit of drinking tea in tea shops along the road should be abandoned. In that case, the problem of bloating and belching will be reduced a lot. The same old oil is used again and again in roadside televazar shops. So the problem leads. Making televaja at home is not a big problem.

Q: Should a doctor take a specific diet chart?

Answer: Playing cauliflower can be a problem. Someone playing a special vegetable can be a problem. Diet charts usually lie on the table at home. It is virtually impossible to comply with our socio-economic situation. So you have to see through experience, eating any food is causing more problems. It must be omitted. In this way you have to make your own chart.

Question: Does drinking more water or getting up in the morning after drinking more water and vomiting to clean the stomach reduce the problem of heartburn?

Answer: On an average you need to consume around three liters of water per day. There is no problem in playing more than that. The body becomes accustomed. Drinking too much water does not cause digestive problems. In fact, the quality of water in industrial areas is not at all appropriate. So if you stay here for a long time, stomach problems occur. The method of cleansing the stomach by vomiting after drinking water in the morning is unscientific. Vomiting is the only disease. Indigestion, stomach problems, vomiting, the body is good. Forced vomiting is unnatural.

Q: Will eating more vegetables, grains and fruits in winter reduce stomach problems?

Answer: It is better to eat vegetables and grains. But it is a problem for many. Because, now more pesticides are used in grains. Citrus fruits, such as musumbi, oranges are good to eat. It contains potassium and various vitamins. In addition, guava, banana, papaya is very good. These are eaten peeled. So the fear of infection is less. Apples are good for diabetes. Because, apple is a low-calorie fruit.

Q: What needs to be done to get rid of the problem?

Answer: If there is any problem, you have to go to the doctor. Must take medicine. You have to give up the bad habit of self-treatment and diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is a great lack of awareness among general patients. If you go to the doctors late, the problem becomes complicated. Regular check-ups especially for women

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