post_type_supports WordPress Function

The post_type_supports() function in WordPress is used to check if a specific post type supports a certain feature. This function can be used to determine if a post type supports a certain feature such as custom fields, post thumbnails, or editor revisions.

Here’s an example of how you could use the post_type_supports() function to check if a post type supports post thumbnails:

$post_type = 'post';

if ( post_type_supports( $post_type, 'thumbnail' ) ) {
// The post type supports post thumbnails
// ... do something here ...
} else {
// The post type does not support post thumbnails
// ... do something else here ...

In this example, $post_type is set to the name of the post type you want to check, and then the post_type_supports() function is called with this post type and the feature you want to check for as arguments. If the post type supports the feature, the code inside the first if statement will be executed, otherwise the code inside the else statement will be executed.

The post_type_supports() function is useful when you want to determine whether or not a certain feature is supported by a post type, and to conditionally execute code based on that information. You can find more information about the post_type_supports() function and other functions related to post types in the WordPress Codex: