php get current method name

Here’s how you can get current method name in PHP:

Using Magic Constants:

  • __METHOD__: Returns the fully qualified method name, including the class name and method name, separated by a double colon (::).
class MyClass {
    public function myMethod() {
        echo __METHOD__; // Output: MyClass::myMethod
  • __FUNCTION__: Returns only the method name itself, without the class name.
class MyClass {
    public function myFunction() {
        echo __FUNCTION__; // Output: myFunction

Using debug_backtrace() Function (More Information):

  • Provides a detailed backtrace of the call stack, including method names and file paths.
function myFunction() {
    $backtrace = debug_backtrace();
    $currentMethod = $backtrace[1]['function'];
    echo $currentMethod; // Output: myFunction

Key Points:

  • Use __METHOD__ when you need the full class and method name for logging, debugging, or other purposes.
  • Use __FUNCTION__ when you only need the method name itself, for example, for conditional logic within the method.
  • Use debug_backtrace() for more comprehensive information about the current call stack, but be mindful of its potential performance implications.

Additional Notes:

  • These techniques work for both regular functions and class methods.
  • They are available within the scope of the function or method itself.
  • For accessing method names from outside their scope, consider reflection techniques or passing the method name as an argument.

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