Magento Available commands

Available commands:

help Display help for a command
list List commands
admin:user:create Creates an administrator
admin:user:unlock Unlock Admin Account
am-import-export:check-profile-status Check Import/Export Profile Run Status.
am-import-export:run-profile Run Import/Export Profile.
am-import-export:show-profile-runners-list Show Profile Runner Type List.
app:config:dump Create dump of application
app:config:import Import data from shared configuration files to appropriate data storage
app:config:status Checks if config propagation requires update
cache:clean Cleans cache type(s)
cache:disable Disables cache type(s)
cache:enable Enables cache type(s)
cache:flush Flushes cache storage used by cache type(s)
cache:status Checks cache status
catalog:images:resize Creates resized product images
catalog:product:attributes:cleanup Removes unused product attributes.
cminds:multiuseraccounts:generate-sample-import-file Generate parent accounts and sub-accounts sample import file
cminds:multiuseraccounts:import Import parent account with their subaccounts
cms:wysiwyg:restrict Set whether to enforce user HTML content validation or show a warning instead
config:sensitive:set Set sensitive configuration values
config:set Change system configuration
config:show Shows configuration value for given path. If path is not specified, all saved values will be shown
cron:install Generates and installs crontab for current user
cron:remove Removes tasks from crontab
cron:run Runs jobs by schedule
customer:hash:upgrade Upgrade customer’s hash according to the latest algorithm
deploy:mode:set Set application mode.
deploy:mode:show Displays current application mode.
dev:di:info Provides information on Dependency Injection configuration for the Command.
dev:profiler:disable Disable the profiler.
dev:profiler:enable Enable the profiler.
dev:query-log:disable Disable DB query logging
dev:query-log:enable Enable DB query logging
dev:source-theme:deploy Collects and publishes source files for theme.
dev:template-hints:disable Disable frontend template hints. A cache flush might be required.
dev:template-hints:enable Enable frontend template hints. A cache flush might be required.
dev:tests:run Runs tests
dev:urn-catalog:generate Generates the catalog of URNs to *.xsd mappings for the IDE to highlight xml.
dev:xml:convert Converts XML file using XSL style sheets
dotdigital:connector:automap Auto-map data fields
dotdigital:connector:enable Add Dotdigital API credentials and enable the connector
dotdigital:migrate Migrate data into email_ tables to sync with Engagement Cloud
dotdigital:sync Run syncs to populate email_ tables before importing to Engagement Cloud
downloadable:domains:add Add domains to the downloadable domains whitelist
downloadable:domains:remove Remove domains from the downloadable domains whitelist
downloadable:domains:show Display downloadable domains whitelist
encryption:payment-data:update Re-encrypts encrypted credit card data with latest encryption cipher.
i18n:collect-phrases Discovers phrases in the codebase
i18n:pack Saves language package
i18n:uninstall Uninstalls language packages
indexer:info Shows allowed Indexers
indexer:reindex Reindexes Data
indexer:reset Resets indexer status to invalid
indexer:set-dimensions-mode Set Indexer Dimensions Mode
indexer:set-mode Sets index mode type
indexer:show-dimensions-mode Shows Indexer Dimension Mode
indexer:show-mode Shows Index Mode
indexer:status Shows status of Indexer
info:adminuri Displays the Magento Admin URI
info:backups:list Prints list of available backup files
info:currency:list Displays the list of available currencies
info:dependencies:show-framework Shows number of dependencies on Magento framework
info:dependencies:show-modules Shows number of dependencies between modules
info:dependencies:show-modules-circular Shows number of circular dependencies between modules
info:language:list Displays the list of available language locales
info:timezone:list Displays the list of available timezones
inventory:reservation:create-compensations Create reservations by provided compensation arguments
inventory:reservation:list-inconsistencies Show all orders and products with salable quantity inconsistencies
inventory-geonames:import Download and import geo names for source selection algorithm
maintenance:allow-ips Sets maintenance mode exempt IPs
maintenance:disable Disables maintenance mode
maintenance:enable Enables maintenance mode
maintenance:status Displays maintenance mode status
module:config:status Checks the modules configuration in the ‘app/etc/config.php’ file and reports if they are up to date or not
module:disable Disables specified modules
module:enable Enables specified modules
module:status Displays status of modules
module:uninstall Uninstalls modules installed by composer
msp:security:recaptcha:disable Disable backend reCaptcha
msp:security:tfa:disable Globally disable two factor auth
msp:security:tfa:providers List all available providers
msp:security:tfa:reset Reset configuration for one user
newrelic:create:deploy-marker Check the deploy queue for entries and create an appropriate deploy marker.
next-gen-images:convert Convert a specific image
next-gen-images:test-uri Test URI with convertors
queue:consumers:list List of MessageQueue consumers
queue:consumers:start Start MessageQueue consumer
sampledata:deploy Deploy sample data modules for composer-based Magento installations
sampledata:remove Remove all sample data packages from composer.json
sampledata:reset Reset all sample data modules for re-installation
setup:backup Takes backup of Magento Application code base, media and database
setup:config:set Creates or modifies the deployment configuration
setup:db-data:upgrade Installs and upgrades data in the DB
setup:db-declaration:generate-patch Generate patch and put it in specific folder.
setup:db-declaration:generate-whitelist Generate whitelist of tables and columns that are allowed to be edited by declaration installer
setup:db-schema:upgrade Installs and upgrades the DB schema
setup:db:status Checks if DB schema or data requires upgrade
setup:di:compile Generates DI configuration and all missing classes that can be auto-generated
setup:install Installs the Magento application
setup:performance:generate-fixtures Generates fixtures
setup:rollback Rolls back Magento Application codebase, media and database
setup:static-content:deploy Deploys static view files
setup:store-config:set Installs the store configuration. Deprecated since 2.2.0. Use config:set instead
setup:uninstall Uninstalls the Magento application
setup:upgrade Upgrades the Magento application, DB data, and schema
store:list Displays the list of stores
store:website:list Displays the list of websites
theme:uninstall Uninstalls theme
varnish:vcl:generate Generates Varnish VCL and echos it to the command line
vertex:tax:warm-wsdl-cache Execute WSDL Cache Warming
yotpo:reset Reset Yotpo sync flags &/or configurations
yotpo:sync Sync Yotpo manually (reviews module)
yotpo:update-metadata Manually send platform metadata to Yotpo

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