How to use iMessage on Windows

Texting from Your PC: How to Use iMessage on Windows

While iMessage is traditionally an Apple ecosystem exclusive, there’s a way to access it on Windows 11 thanks to Microsoft’s “Phone Link” app. Here’s how to get started:


  • Windows 11: Ensure you have Windows 11 with the latest updates installed.
  • iPhone: Grab your iPhone and update to the latest iOS version.

App Installation:

  • Download “Phone Link” on Windows: Head to the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC and search for “Phone Link.” Install the app.
  • Download “Link to Windows” on iPhone: Open the App Store on your iPhone and search for “Link to Windows.” Download and install the app.

Connecting Your Devices:

  1. Open Phone Link on Windows: Launch the Phone Link app on your PC.
  2. Select iPhone on PC: Choose “iPhone” from the options presented within Phone Link.
  3. Open Link to Windows on iPhone: On your iPhone, open the Link to Windows app.
  4. Scan QR Code or Enter Code: You’ll see a QR code on your PC screen. Use your iPhone’s camera to scan the code, or alternatively, a manual code will be displayed. Enter this code on your iPhone to establish the connection.
  5. Grant Permissions: Both devices will prompt you for permission requests. Grant all necessary permissions to allow them to communicate.

Using iMessage on Windows:

  • Open Messages in Phone Link: Once connected, launch the Phone Link app again on your PC. You’ll see a “Messages” section within the app. Click on it.
  • Texting Magic: This section displays your recent iMessage conversations. You can view message history, send new messages, and respond to existing threads – all from your Windows PC!

Important Notes:

  • Mirroring, Not Native iMessage: Keep in mind that Phone Link mirrors your iPhone’s iMessage experience. You cannot directly use iMessage features like FaceTime or send iMessage effects on Windows.
  • iPhone Must Be Nearby: For Phone Link to function, your iPhone needs to be within Bluetooth range of your PC and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

In Conclusion:

While not a perfect replacement for a native iMessage app, Phone Link offers a convenient way to access your iPhone’s iMessage conversations and send texts directly from your Windows 11 PC. So go forth and text with ease, even without your iPhone at hand!