How to play split-screen in Fortnite

Squad Up on the Couch: How to Play Split-Screen Fortnite

Fortnite is even more fun with friends! Here’s how to activate split-screen mode and team up with a buddy on the same console for some battle royale action:

Please note: Split-screen functionality is currently only available on PlayStation (PS4 & PS5) and Xbox (Xbox One & Xbox Series S/X) consoles.

What You’ll Need:

  • A second controller for your console.
  • Both controllers need to be signed into separate Fortnite accounts.

Activating Split-Screen:

  1. Boot Up Fortnite: Launch Fortnite and navigate to the main lobby.

  2. Power Up the Second Controller: Turn on your second controller and make sure it’s synced with your console.

  3. Sign In the Second Player: On the screen, a prompt will usually appear indicating a second controller is detected. Follow the prompts to sign in the second player using their Fortnite account.

  4. Log In Confirmation: On the second controller, there might be a “Log In” button displayed on the bottom right corner (triangle button on PlayStation, A button on Xbox). The second player will need to press this button to confirm their login and finalize split-screen mode activation.

Here We Go!

Once the second player logs in, your screen will automatically switch to split-screen view. Player one will occupy the primary screen, and player two will see their gameplay on the secondary split-screen. Now you’re both ready to drop onto the battlefield and fight for Victory Royale!

Important Split-Screen Considerations:

  • Limited Modes: Split-screen functionality is currently limited to Duos and Squads game modes within Fortnite’s Battle Royale. You won’t be able to use split-screen in Solo, Creative, or Save the World modes.
  • Shared Lobby Limitations: While you can see each other in the lobby, split-screen players cannot share their inventories or interact with the lobby menus independently.
  • Communication is Key: Voice chat or another form of communication is highly recommended for effective teamwork in split-screen mode.

Split-screen brings the fun of Fortnite to the living room couch, allowing you to team up with a friend and share the thrills of victory (and the sting of defeat) together. So grab your controllers, squad up, and get ready to dominate the island!