How to make your iPhone’s wallpaper a rotating gallery of good vibes

Here’s how to transform your iPhone’s wallpaper into a feel-good oasis with a rotating gallery of positive vibes:

Option 1: Using Photo Shuffle (Available on iOS 16 and later):

  1. Gather your good vibes: Collect a bunch of inspiring pictures, calming landscapes, cute animal photos, or anything that brings you joy.
  2. Create a dedicated album: In your Photos app, create a new album named “Good Vibes Wallpaper” or something similar. Add all your feel-good images to this album.
  3. Set the Photo Shuffle wallpaper: Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Add New Wallpaper. Select “Photo Shuffle” and choose your “Good Vibes Wallpaper” album. You can customize the frequency of rotation and even pick specific categories like nature or animals.
  4. Enjoy the rotating positivity! Every time you unlock your phone, you’ll be greeted by a fresh dose of good vibes.

Option 2: Third-Party Apps:

Several apps offer creative ways to curate and rotate wallpapers. Here are a few popular choices:

  • Walli: It provides stunning collections of curated wallpapers, updated daily. You can create custom playlists of images and have them shuffle at desired intervals.
  • SODA Wallpaper: This app focuses on aesthetics, offering hand-picked collections and the ability to create and rotate personalized themes.
  • WunderWall: A fun option with an emphasis on animation and motion. Choose from dynamic wallpapers that react to your phone’s movement or simply create a slideshow of your feel-good photos.

Bonus Tips:

  • Match your mood: Consider creating multiple “Good Vibes” albums categorized by mood or theme, like “Peaceful Mornings,” “Adventure Awaits,” or “Cozy Nights.”
  • Keep it fresh: Regularly add new pictures to your albums to keep the positivity flowing and prevent wallpaper fatigue.
  • Automate the magic: If you use Shortcuts, you can create an automation that updates your wallpaper with a random image from your “Good Vibes” album at pre-set intervals.

By setting up your iPhone’s wallpaper with a rotating gallery of good vibes, you can add a touch of positivity to your everyday experience. Remember, your phone screen is a prime piece of real estate, so why not fill it with things that uplift your spirit?

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