How to make an Iron Golem in Minecraft and turn it into your personal bodyguard

Here are the steps on how to do it:

Creating an Iron Golem:

  1. Gathering Resources:
    • You’ll need 4 Iron Blocks and a Pumpkin (or a Carved Pumpkin) to create an Iron Golem.
    • Iron Blocks can be obtained by smelting Iron Ingots in a furnace.
    • Pumpkins can be found in the Overworld, often in grassy areas or near water.
  2. Assembling the Iron Golem:
    • Place the 4 Iron Blocks in a “T” shape on the ground. This means placing one block on the ground, then placing one on top of it, and finally, placing two more blocks on either side of the top block. This forms the Iron Golem’s body.
    • Place the Pumpkin (or Carved Pumpkin) on top of the center Iron Block. This will serve as the Golem’s head.
  3. Activation:
    • Once you’ve assembled the Iron Golem correctly, it will come to life and start patrolling the nearby area. Iron Golems automatically attack hostile mobs that come close to villagers, helping to protect them.

Having the Iron Golem as Your Bodyguard:

While Iron Golems are designed to protect villagers from hostile mobs, you can create a setup that makes them act as your bodyguard in a way:

  1. Build Around Your Iron Golem:
    • Construct a secure enclosure around your Iron Golem, preferably a building with a door.
    • This will provide a safe area for you, and the Iron Golem can serve as protection from hostile mobs.
  2. Lure Hostile Mobs:
    • If you’re exploring the world or building outside your enclosed area, you can intentionally lead hostile mobs (like zombies or skeletons) toward your Iron Golem.
    • The Iron Golem will automatically attack and eliminate these mobs, keeping you safe.
  3. Keep an Eye on the Golem:
    • While Iron Golems are powerful and helpful, they are not invincible. Make sure to monitor their health and intervene if they are overwhelmed by a large number of mobs.

Remember, the Iron Golem’s primary function is to protect villagers, but with some creative planning, you can use their abilities to your advantage as well. Just be cautious and strategic in your approach to ensure both your safety and the Iron Golem’s effectiveness.

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