How to Fix Alt-Tab Shortcut Not Working on Windows 10

The Alt-Tab shortcut is a fundamental feature of Windows, allowing users to quickly switch between open applications. However, if this shortcut isn’t working properly, it can significantly hinder your workflow. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to fix the Alt-Tab shortcut not working issue on Windows 10:

Method 1: Check for Keyboard Issues

  1. Test the Alt key: Try using the Alt key with other shortcuts, such as Alt+F4, to see if it’s functioning correctly. If it’s not, your keyboard might be faulty.

  2. Try a different keyboard: Connect a different keyboard to your computer and check if the Alt-Tab shortcut works with it. If it does, the issue lies with your original keyboard.

  3. Clean the Alt key: Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the Alt key and the surrounding area. Sometimes, debris or dirt can interfere with keystrokes.

Method 2: Restart Windows Explorer

  1. Open Task Manager: Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.

  2. Locate Windows Explorer: In the Processes tab, find and select “Windows Explorer.”

  3. Restart Windows Explorer: Right-click on “Windows Explorer” and choose “Restart.” This will refresh the explorer process and potentially fix the Alt-Tab shortcut issue.

Method 3: Change AltTabSettings Registry Values

  1. Open Registry Editor: Press Windows key + R, type “regedit,” and press Enter.

  2. Navigate to the key: Go to the following key in the Registry Editor:

  1. Find AltTabSettings: In the right pane, look for the DWORD value named “AltTabSettings.”

  2. Modify AltTabSettings: Double-click on “AltTabSettings” and change the Value data to 1. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Method 4: Update Keyboard Drivers

  1. Open Device Manager: Right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager.

  2. Expand Keyboards: Expand the “Keyboards” category.

  3. Update keyboard drivers: Right-click on your keyboard driver and select “Update driver.” Choose “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

  4. Restart your computer: Restart your computer to apply the updated drivers.

Additional Tips:

  • Disable any sticky keys or keyboard shortcuts that might be interfering with the Alt-Tab shortcut.

  • Check for any third-party software or extensions that might be conflicting with the Alt-Tab shortcut.

  • If the issue persists, consider performing a system restore to undo any recent changes that might have caused the problem.

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