How to delete a page in Word in Easy steps

Steps to Delete a Page in Word

Ever get a little too creative in Microsoft Word and end up with an extra page you don’t need? Don’t worry, deleting unwanted pages is a breeze! This guide will show you exactly how to tackle those pesky page invaders in Microsoft Word.

We’ll cover two scenarios:

  • Deleting a page filled with content: This might be text, images, or a combination of both.
  • Deleting a blank page: Sometimes those rogue blank pages sneak in there.

Let’s jump in!

Deleting a Content-Filled Page:

  1. Target the Page: Navigate to the page you want to delete. Click anywhere on the text or image within that page.

  2. Highlight the Culprit: There are two ways to select the entire page content:

    • Keyboard Shortcut: Press Ctrl + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac) to select all the content on the page.
    • Mouse Magic: Click and drag your mouse cursor across the entire page to highlight all the text and images.
  3. Vanish the Page: With everything selected, press the Delete key on your keyboard. The entire page’s content will disappear, leaving you with a cleaner document.

Deleting a Blank Page:

  1. Spot the Intruder: Sometimes blank pages can be tricky to see. Enable the Navigation Pane to easily spot them. Go to the View tab and check the box for Navigation Pane.

  2. Choose “Pages”: In the Navigation Pane, a new section will appear with different tabs. Click on the Pages tab.

  3. Click, Vanquish, Repeat: This tab displays thumbnails of all the pages in your document. Simply click on the thumbnail of the blank page you want to delete. It will be highlighted. Press Delete on your keyboard, and the blank page will be banished.

Bonus Tip: For stubborn blank pages that don’t show up in the Navigation Pane, you can use the paragraph markers. These are hidden symbols that mark the end of paragraphs. Enable them by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 8 (Windows) or Command + Option + 8 (Mac). You’ll see little paragraph symbols at the end of each paragraph and at the beginning/end of blank pages. Just select and delete the paragraph markers for the blank page you want togone.