How to Change the Instagram App Icon on iPhone and Android

Here are the steps on how to change the Instagram app icon on iPhone and Android:

On iPhone

  1. Open the Shortcuts app.
  2. Tap the Plus (+) icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Under Next Action Suggestions, select Open App.
  4. Tap App, then scroll down and select Instagram.
  5. Tap the three dotted lines in the upper-right corner.
  6. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  7. Under HOME SCREEN NAME AND ICON, tap the image icon to choose an image for the icon.
  8. Select Take PhotoChoose Photo, or Choose File to add your image.
  9. In the New Shortcut field, type Instagram (or any name).
  10. In the upper-right corner, tap Add.

The new icon will now appear on your Home screen.

On Android

  1. There are two ways to change the Instagram app icon on Android:
    • Using a launcher: A launcher is a third-party app that changes the look and feel of your Android home screen. Many launchers allow you to change the app icons, including the Instagram icon.
    • Using an icon-changing app: There are many icon-changing apps available for Android. These apps allow you to download custom icons for your apps, including Instagram.

Once you have chosen a launcher or icon-changing app, follow the instructions in the app to change the Instagram app icon.

Here are some things to keep in mind when changing the Instagram app icon:

  • The new icon must be in the PNG format.
  • The new icon must be the same size as the original icon, which is 112×112 pixels.
  • The new icon must be saved in your phone’s photo gallery.

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