How to block your number and hide your own caller ID when making phone calls

Blocking your phone number and hiding your caller ID when making phone calls can be done using various methods, depending on your location and mobile carrier. Here are some common methods to hide your caller ID:

1. Use a Blocking Code (Most Common Method):

  • In most countries, you can block your caller ID by using a specific code before dialing the recipient’s phone number.
  • The code to block your caller ID typically looks like one of the following:
    • On most North American carriers: *67 (e.g., *67-555-123-4567)
    • In some countries: #31# (e.g., #31#-555-123-4567)
  • Simply dial the blocking code, followed by the recipient’s phone number. For example, *67-555-123-4567.
  • Your caller ID will be hidden for that specific call.

2. Use Phone Settings (iOS and Android):

  • On many smartphones, you can adjust your caller ID settings in the device’s phone app.
    • On iPhone (iOS):
      1. Open the “Settings” app.
      2. Scroll down and tap “Phone.”
      3. Select “Show My Caller ID.”
      4. Toggle the switch to disable it (the slider should turn gray).
    • On Android (settings may vary by manufacturer and version):
      1. Open the “Phone” app.
      2. Tap the three-dot menu icon (⋮) or “Settings” (depending on your phone).
      3. Look for “Caller ID” or “Additional settings.”
      4. Choose “Hide number” or a similar option.

3. Use a Third-Party App:

  • There are various third-party apps available for both iOS and Android that offer caller ID blocking and additional privacy features.
  • Search your device’s app store for caller ID blocking apps and follow their instructions for use.

4. Contact Your Mobile Carrier:

  • If you’re unable to block your caller ID using the methods mentioned above, contact your mobile carrier’s customer support.
  • Some carriers may offer additional services or have specific requirements for caller ID blocking.

5. Temporary Caller ID Blocking:

  • If you want to block your caller ID for only one specific call, use the blocking code or phone settings as described in method 1 or 2. This will hide your caller ID for that call only.

Keep in mind that while hiding your caller ID can be useful for privacy or safety reasons, some recipients may not answer calls from blocked or unknown numbers. Additionally, the availability and functionality of caller ID blocking may vary by location and mobile carrier, so it’s a good idea to check with your carrier for specific instructions and options.

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