How to Allow or Block Pop-Ups in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, you can easily allow or block pop-ups from specific websites or manage your pop-up settings to control how pop-ups are handled in general. Here’s how you can do it:

Allow or Block Pop-Ups for Specific Websites:

  1. Open Google Chrome: Launch Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Visit the Website: Go to the website for which you want to allow or block pop-ups.
  3. View the Pop-up Icon: Look for the icon in the address bar that indicates pop-ups are being blocked for the current website. The icon may vary depending on your Chrome version, but it is usually a small icon with a red “X” or a pop-up blocker icon.
  4. Click the Pop-up Icon: Click on the pop-up icon in the address bar.
  5. Choose Pop-up Settings: A menu will appear with options related to pop-ups. You can choose to “Always allow pop-ups and redirects from [website]” to allow pop-ups for this specific website, or select “Block [website]” to block pop-ups.

Manage Pop-up Settings for All Websites:

  1. Open Chrome Settings: Click on the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of Chrome to open the menu. From the menu, select “Settings.”
  2. Advanced Settings: Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page and click on “Advanced” to expand the advanced settings.
  3. Privacy and Security: Under the “Privacy and security” section, click on “Site settings.”
  4. Pop-ups: Look for the “Pop-ups and redirects” option in the list of site settings. Click on it to access the pop-up settings.
  5. Manage Pop-up Settings: You can toggle the switch to allow or block pop-ups on all websites. Additionally, you can manage exceptions by clicking on “Add” next to “Allow” or “Block” and entering the website address (URL) you want to add to the list of exceptions.
  6. Save Changes: After adjusting your pop-up settings, make sure to click “Done” to save the changes.

By following these steps, you can easily allow or block pop-ups for specific websites or customize your pop-up settings for Google Chrome in general. This allows you to have better control over your browsing experience and avoid unwanted or intrusive pop-up windows.

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