Google Pixel Fold Review

The Google Pixel Fold! It’s been a year since its release, and opinions are still forming. Some see it as a bold first step, while others point out its shortcomings. But before you decide whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash, let’s dive into its strengths and weaknesses:


  • Unique foldable design: Standing out in a sea of rectangular slabs, the Pixel Fold offers a refreshing and practical form factor. Popping it open reveals a expansive 7.6-inch tablet display, perfect for multitasking, gaming, and enjoying immersive content.
  • Exceptional camera system: Google’s camera prowess shines through. The Pixel Fold boasts the same incredible camera setup as the Pixel 6 Pro, delivering stunning photos and videos in both folded and unfolded modes.
  • Powerful Tensor chip: Packing the Google-designed Tensor chip, the Pixel Fold offers smooth performance for everyday tasks and even handles some demanding applications with ease.
  • Clean and intuitive software: Google’s Pixel UI remains a delight to use. It’s clean, bloatware-free, and packed with helpful features that take advantage of the foldable form factor.
  • Long battery life: Despite the power-hungry display, the Pixel Fold manages to offer a full day of usage on a single charge, thanks to its large battery and efficient software optimizations.


  • Heavy and bulky: Compared to regular smartphones, the Pixel Fold is undeniably heavier and bulkier, both in its folded and unfolded states. This might make it less comfortable to carry around for extended periods.
  • Crease is noticeable: While less prominent than some rivals, the crease in the center of the main display is still visible, especially in certain lighting conditions. This might be a dealbreaker for some users.
  • Price tag: The Pixel Fold comes with a hefty price tag, making it a premium purchase compared to traditional smartphones.
  • Limited app optimization: Not all apps are optimized for the foldable form factor yet, leading to awkward layouts and letterboxing in some cases.
  • Durability concerns: While Google has improved the hinge and overall durability compared to earlier foldable phones, concerns about long-term wear and tear remain for some users.


The Google Pixel Fold is a fascinating device with plenty to offer. Its unique form factor, exceptional camera, and clean software make it a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts and early adopters who crave a more versatile mobile experience. However, its high price, bulkiness, and limited app optimization might deter some users.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities and budget. If you prioritize cutting-edge technology, a large and immersive display, and Google’s excellent camera experience, the Pixel Fold is definitely worth considering. But if you value affordability, pocketability, and a wider range of fully optimized apps, a traditional high-end smartphone might be a better fit.

Here are some additional tips to help you decide:

  • Try it out: If possible, visit a store and try out the Pixel Fold to see if its size and weight feel comfortable for you.
  • Consider your needs: Do you frequently need a larger screen for work or entertainment? Are you willing to pay a premium for a unique device?
  • Weigh the alternatives: Compare the Pixel Fold to other foldable phones and high-end smartphones to see which offers the best features and value for your needs.