Facebook addiction

I don’t know the addiction of using Facebook, but why am I drowning in it unconsciously? Is there any way to get rid of it? I can’t even use it. In fact, every addiction or habit has a benefit. If drunkenness did not yawn then what is drunkenness for?

The easiest way to escape from running on Facebook is to immerse yourself in something else. For example, if you like walking, walk outside, if you like playing games, or exercise, photography, YouTuber, whatever you like, if you start doing something you like, these will gradually decrease.

The urge to do something while lying down is not called addiction, and there are basically 3 types of Facebook usage. Newsreading, marketing and communication. Now if you are single, don’t be on Facebook to get close to women, it’s not a Facebook addiction.

Facebook addiction is nothing really. It is mainly used as a means of suppressing natural tendencies. Talking to, or buying and selling people of the opposite sex. And what else is there to read or post the news?

How can you get off Facebook if you have nothing to do?