Digital Market : How it influences the consumer behavior

It is estimated that Bangladesh, a country in South Asia has about two thousand eCommerce sites. The number of Facebook outlets is approximately fifty thousand. The number of products they deliver a day is almost thirty thousand.
Footnote: The Financial Express

Obviously, it seems that the eCommerce industry has good prospects in Bangladesh. There would be more job opportunities and thus, it would create a prosperous economy. But it may change the behavior patterns of people towards purchasing goods. The comfort zone may create a space for people to purchase things that may not be needed. The whole world is turning towards this relentless pattern.

According to eMarketer, the eCommerce sales growth worldwide is 27.6% where Latin America stands first with a 36.7% growth rate. Covid-19 accelerated the growth. But the algorithm of the digital market tricks us into purchasing unnecessary products way before Covid-19 happens. Social platforms have been aiding in that process. Marques Brownlee’s tweet said everything on this matter.

The ads seem like they play with our subconscious minds. Even our shadows leave us for some time. The algorithms of ads might know us better than we know ourselves. Sometimes it seems like, in the name of creativity, some of the content creators of social platforms are more focused on the sponsored products than their contents. Maybe their job is to do so.
And there is another kingdom where influential people live to sell products. Sometimes some of these platforms take our privacy for granted so that we can be the best target for their sponsors.

Last year, one of the most engaging trending topics was the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. The scandal brought a decisive issue that how vulnerable our privacy is in the digital platforms. Social platforms paved the way for third parties to accumulate data so that they could reach the target audiences. Reports have been published regarding the concern for the privacy of users.

It is really scary to see how we are being tracked to fulfill certain objectives. The sophisticated tools, cookies surround us so that we can pay attention to particular products. And, the ultimate goal is a sale.

What is the end result of this massive consumerism caused by the endeavor of the digital market? Nobody knows. But our convenient environment is degrading. Deforestation, poor water, and air quality are nothing new. According to UNESCO,

“One in nine people worldwide uses drinking water from unimproved and unsafe sources”

And yet we slaughter animals just so that our peers, friends praise us for our good fashion sense. We are called civilized.

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It does not just affect nature. Tendency to have more materialistic possession may cause moral degradation. It may hamper psychological wellbeing too. There is a tendency in people to compete with each other by showing off their possessions.

Poor product quality is another complaint. People sort of trust blindly while ordering online as they cannot touch the products. Some of the not-so-good sellers take advantage. Often, poorly made products are delivered. Huge demands for these products may also be one of the causes here. It spoils the harmony of the relationship between sellers and buyers.

The digital market plays it cool. It provides a space for sellers. It creates a space for buyers too so that they can show off the purchased goods just to feel good. This is just a new level of consumerism.

However, the easily accessible digital market has played an important role in lockdown. The convenience the digital market provides during this lockdown is immense. It is the future. People can save time to focus on other things. People can be more informed. But all these benefits accelerate the tendency to buy more. Nonstop ads campaigns, huge discounts in the free market influence even more.

Many businessmen see potentiality in eCommerce sites.  They run ads campaigns, hire influencers so that their business can stand. And it’s great. But what can we do to make it healthy so that our neighbors’ life can’t be disrupted?
Let’s not ignore the question. It must be discussed.