Can I carry a knife in Bangladesh for self-defense?

Once your are arrested they can charge you, with anything they want. Once you are in, there is no out. Bangladeshi judiciary system is a bottom less pit of hell. You can only go down from there.

We have a property that got in their system. It was government’s fault yet we are still paying the price. They somehow mistakenly registered in their new system the name of the guy we bought the property decades ago. And he is mostly likely no where might not even be alive. And they are telling us to bring the guy. We have all the legal documents, simple mistake from them, and it’s been like over 5–6 years I think, it’s still a going on case.

If you are arrested and they decides to give a drug case, you are f*cked. There is not future on this country for you. It’s better if you settle any where else except on this hell. We are also trying to get out, our remittance help this country. But there is no point in brining remittance to a country where your life & property is not safe. If we convert our earn money into bdt it will go down, if we buy property they will get stuck into the system because of their own mis-management or mistakes. So why would we do anything for this country ?

We are not safe here, our lands, properties are not safe.