Your iPhone has a hidden document scanner. This is how to use it

Here’s how you can use the document scanner on your iPhone:

Using the Document Scanner in the Notes App:

  1. Open the Notes App:
    • Locate and open the “Notes” app on your iPhone. It’s a pre-installed app that comes with iOS.
  2. Create a New Note or Open an Existing One:
    • Start a new note by tapping the “+” icon to create a new note, or open an existing note.
  3. Access the Document Scanner:
    • Within the note, tap on the camera icon above the keyboard.
  4. Choose “Scan Documents”:
    • From the options that appear, select “Scan Documents.”
  5. Position the Document:
    • Place the document you want to scan in a well-lit area and position it within the viewfinder.
  6. Adjust the Corners:
    • If needed, use the on-screen handles to adjust the corners of the document. The app will automatically detect the document’s edges, but you can fine-tune it if necessary.
  7. Capture the Scan:
    • Tap the shutter button to capture the scan. If multiple pages are part of the same document, you can continue scanning additional pages.
  8. Adjust the Scan:
    • After capturing, you can make adjustments, rotate, or crop the scan as needed.
  9. Save the Scan:
    • Once satisfied with the scan, tap “Keep Scan” to save it.
  10. Add More Pages or Save:
    • If your document has multiple pages, you can add more pages by repeating the process. Otherwise, tap “Save” to finalize the scanned document.
  11. Name and Save the Note:
    • Give your note a name and choose where you want to save it (e.g., in a specific folder or on iCloud).


  • Ensure good lighting for better scan quality.
  • Experiment with the automatic document detection, but you can always adjust the corners manually.
  • The document scanner in the Notes app can be a handy tool for quickly digitizing paper documents, receipts, or notes.

Keep in mind that the features and interfaces of apps may change with iOS updates, so there might be minor variations depending on your device’s iOS version.

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