Why You Want a 120Hz TV, Even If You’re Not a Gamer

Here are some reasons why you might want a 120Hz TV, even if you’re not a gamer:

  • Smoother motion: A 120Hz TV can display twice as many frames per second as a 60Hz TV, which can result in smoother motion. This is especially noticeable when watching fast-paced action scenes or sports.
  • Reduced blur: A 120Hz TV can also reduce blur, which can make images look sharper and more realistic. This is especially noticeable when watching movies or TV shows that have a lot of fast-moving objects.
  • Better HDR: A 120Hz TV can also improve the quality of HDR content. HDR content has a wider range of colors and brightness than standard content, and a 120Hz TV can display this content more accurately.

Here are some additional details about 120Hz TVs:

  • What is a 120Hz TV? A 120Hz TV is a television that can display up to 120 frames per second. This is twice as many frames per second as a standard 60Hz TV.
  • Why is 120Hz important? 120Hz is important for a number of reasons, including smoother motion, reduced blur, and better HDR.
  • What content is available in 120Hz? There is a growing amount of content available in 120Hz, including movies, TV shows, and video games.
  • Do I need a 120Hz TV? If you are looking for the best possible viewing experience, then a 120Hz TV is a good option. However, if you are not concerned about the highest possible quality, then a 60Hz TV may be sufficient.

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