Why do women get more migraines and what is the cure?

The exact reason why migraines are more common in women has not yet been discovered. And there really is no cure for migraines. Whatever anyone says, I speak responsibly from my experience as a doctor.

Migraines never go away. Those who have this disease sometimes have headaches. Some less than some more. However, people with migraines can stay relatively well if they follow a few rules:

In women, hormone-rich birth control pills may increase the incidence of headaches. Headaches can even worsen just before or during menstruation. Of course, this does not apply to those who do not have this disease.

Consuming caffeine-rich drinks (eg: tea-coffee) or cocoa (eg: chocolate) or alcohol increases the likelihood of migraine headaches.
Migraine sufferers fare better when away from work stress and mental tension.

Even a short exposure to the sun can trigger a migraine headache even if the temperature is not too high. Bright lights or loud noises, such as concerts, can also trigger a migraine headache. Strong smells, be it perfume or cigarettes or anything else, can trigger migraine headaches.

Everyone gets headaches if they don’t sleep or sleep less. It is more severe in migraine sufferers.

Migraine sufferers may experience headaches immediately after strenuous physical activity.

Weather and seasonal changes or changes in air pressure are thought to be associated with increased migraine severity.
The heart medication nitroglycerin can sometimes increase the risk of migraine headaches in migraine sufferers. However, this life-saving drug should still be taken because first you have to live and then the headache!

Migraine headaches can be triggered by eating a variety of dairy products such as cheese and foods high in salt (be it common salt or tasting salt) or diabetic sweeteners such as aspartame.

Migraine sufferers may experience headaches if they do not eat or follow a meal routine.