Why can’t we live without governments?

It depends on the population and how big it is. First it was socialism Because there were very little number of People and it was much easier to give free food to older, weak and other families who aren’t able to work. But when populations increased along with agree Culture people started owning lands and that’s how Landlords, feudalism, Royalty came one by one I don’t exactly remember all those isms I read in 2015.

Government came because, when Populations becomes way too big for one man to handle, Kings started to mismanage countries and Population soon got fed up and removed them through struggle, revolutions etc. And that’s how Governments came to exist. A group of organizations form together to work more efficiently.

Now population is so huge no government can sustain giving everything for free to huge Population unless the population is small with huge number of oil coops like in Qatar. Those who wants socialism back doesn’t understand human Society.

So to manage a huge population, a combination of properly efficiently managed organization is necessary and that is what government is. We can’t live in socialism because it was meant for a tiny number of humans. These are systems dependent on it’s users. The more user you have the different more powerful system you need.

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