What’s a creepy psychological trick to get someone to like you?

If you want someone to like you, and if it’s not about just a girl falling in love with you because that is quite tricky and take time but on a daily basis if you want people to like you you can do the following tricks. Here are some neat psychological tricks ( not exactly creepy )

Be humble and smile

If you are not smiling, you won’t be making anyone like you. Nobody like Gloomy people because the condition of people around them effects them. People can be so much sympathetic toward you but it has a limit. If you are always talking about sorrow, people are not going to like you and they will try to stay away. Always try to show acceptance when they show some kind of criticism and try to show them more about what they are criticizing, tell them you know that and you are trying your best to improve but can seems to quite get it, and then ask them if they have any suggestions. Always remember, people’s opinion about you means nothing, nobody will ever have any idea about actual you because all they will ever have is assumptions. So do not take them negatively, rather use them to make them like you.

It is not related to today’s topic but important to know

But there are times, when you see a bully bullying you, you can also try this trick but it is not likely to work because bully’s are usually sociopath. They won’t listen to you, they won’t talk to you, they just bully you to feel good. So try to stand your ground, because if you run away, they will peruse you like a predator perusing a prey. Stand your ground, do not turn into prey, not just for yourself, but also for their next victims which they might have chose only if they didn’t have extremely bad experience with their previous one, which is you. Do it for the world. Okay ? 🙂

Listen and Ask

When people talk, it doesn’t matter what are they talking about, if you are attentive and also showing interest in what they are talking about, they will lean toward you, and they will like to talk to you on a daily basis.

And when I say ask, it’s not just about showing interest about what are they talking about, it also about they thing they share. If at any point they talk about someone they love like Parents, siblings or children, then, that is a million dollar opportunity. You must never miss this one, always show interest about their loved one. And ask about them, and ask about why they are feeling what they are feeling and try to be positive. Try to make positive interpretation about themselves and speak in such a way that would make sense to them. it’s not like just pampering or flattering. You have do logical flattering and logical pampering so that they will see it reasonable instead if seeing you just pampering them for something. If you are not logical, then they will not trust you and you will do the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

(Information Source : Derived From the books of Dale Carnegie )

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