What is wrong with The Show Hannibal

Well we all like the Hannibal movies. So naturally that we expected the same from the show. But the problem with the show isn’t the quality of the acting. Acting was greatly performed.

What is wrong is the theme, it tried to create  a classic theme with classic music. But, Hannibal is by all means a horror story. And a classic horror movies main attraction is fear. It’s currency is fear. If it doesn’t  create fear, then the whole thing is totally worthless.

If you catch the most crucial moments in the show, it creates confusion and other emotions except fear. If the movie doesn’t scare you then you can be sure that it’s not a good horror movie. That is what gone with the show. Through out the movie they play classic music and piano and all that but no scary sound. The people who made the show missed the most crucial part of a horror show, they forgot the core theme. Then name it implies, what it stands for, what is it all about.