What Is “Share Focus Status” on iPhone?

“Share Focus Status” is a feature on iPhones that allows users to share their Focus status with other people through the iMessage app. A “Focus” is a new feature introduced in iOS 15 that allows users to set customized modes that filter out distractions and notifications based on their activity, location, and time of day. For example, a user can set a Focus mode for work, exercise, or reading, and only receive notifications and alerts that are relevant to that particular activity.

With the “Share Focus Status” feature, users can share their current Focus status with their contacts, so they know if they are available or unavailable to communicate. For instance, if a user sets a “Do Not Disturb” mode during a work Focus, their iMessage contacts will see their Focus status as “Do Not Disturb,” indicating that the user is busy and may not respond to messages immediately.

To use the “Share Focus Status” feature, both the sender and the recipient need to have iOS 15 or later installed on their iPhones, and the sender needs to have enabled the feature in their Focus settings.