What Is “Lost Mode” on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac?

“Lost Mode” is a security feature available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs that helps protect your device and data in case it is lost or stolen. When you enable Lost Mode on your device, you can remotely lock it, display a custom message on the screen, and track its location using the Find My app (formerly known as Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac).

How Lost Mode Works:

  1. Enabling Lost Mode: To enable Lost Mode, you need to use the Find My app on another iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or visit the iCloud website on a computer. Sign in with your Apple ID, select your lost device from the list, and then choose “Lost Mode.”
  2. Setting a Passcode: When enabling Lost Mode, you can set a passcode that will be required to unlock the device. This prevents unauthorized access to your personal data.
  3. Displaying a Message: In Lost Mode, you can display a custom message on the device’s screen. This message could include your contact information, a reward offer, or any other information to help a Good Samaritan return the device to you.
  4. Tracking Location: While Lost Mode is active, the device’s location is continuously updated and can be viewed in the Find My app or iCloud website. This helps you keep track of its movement and potentially recover it.
  5. Activating Sound: You can also trigger a sound to play on the lost device, even if it is in silent mode. This can help you locate the device if it is nearby.
  6. Marking as Found: If you eventually recover your lost device, you can mark it as found in the Find My app or iCloud website, which will disable Lost Mode and the passcode lock.

Note: To use the Lost Mode feature, your device must be connected to the internet either through Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Lost Mode is an essential tool to protect your privacy and data in case of a lost or stolen device. It can help increase the chances of getting your device back or ensuring that your personal information remains secure. To enable Lost Mode, it is crucial to set up Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac on your device and keep it enabled at all times.

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