What Is a Website Manager?

What Is a Website Manager

What is a website manager?

A website manager do daily maintenance and administration of an organization’s website. They perform a range of IT and website development tasks to ensure organization’s website is always functional. They often watch out for security issues and troubleshoot without their capacity to resolve long list of website and server performance issues. Website managers ensure the website has accurate and current domain and hosting information to prevent potential downtimes and lost of revenues.

Website managers are responsible for managing all aspects of a website. For example we may say, they may manage blog posts & contents, images, comments, videos and pages. They may also assist with creating new content for the website or auditing its existing content to identify areas of improvement. Website managers often help with SEO, search engine optimization efforts to promote the website’s presence to increase & maintain website traffic.

What does a website manager do?

Websites manager covers a wide range of responsibilities, common works for a website manager includes –

  • Keep website & server running smoothly and watch out for any disturbance.
  • Customize the website according to the organization’s demand, brand, strategy and standard.
  • Assist with social media campaigns and other marketing efforts.
  • Complete tests to ensure website efficiency and quality.
  • Create strategies to improve website traffic.
  • Ensure the website complies with the appropriate laws and regulations.
  • Research competitors & Keywords.
  • Follow best practices.
  • Study & Identify ways to improve user experience.
  • Implement security measures to protect websites.
  • Monitor for website security breaches and respond accordingly.
  • Keep the website’s domain and hosting registration current and notify the client.
  • Manage Marketing and search engine optimization campaigns.
  • Manage, monitor and update websites for organizations.
  • Produce sitemaps & Submit them to search engines.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve website issues.
  • Update & Upgrade website & server when they are released.
  • Audit contents and remove duplicate information.

Requirements to become a website manager

Becoming a website manager typically requires earning at least a bachelor’s degree in a field like computer science, IT, systems engineering, web development or a similar field. It’s important to have good experience working with server & websites, knowing website design & development, migration & backup. Website manager have to be good at fixing websites when required. Knowledge about digital marketing can also be helpful. While there aren’t any specific certifications required for this profession, completing online courses or training programs related to SEO may also help beneficial. Website Manager must know some basics like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript etc. He / She should also have good knowledge about popular framework like WordPress, Joomla, Magento 2 etc.

Technical skills list

Being a website manager requires an excellent knowledge of various aspects of technology and computers. They may use these skills to manage, troubleshoot and resolve website problems. It’s important for them to have experience with:

  • Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Magento 2 etc.

  • Copyright regulations.

  • HTML.

  • PHP.

  • Intrusion detection systems (IDS).

  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS).

  • JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS etc.

  • SEO.

  • Proper Knowledge about Speed Optimization following Google Standards.
  • Security audits.

  • User experience (UX).

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