What does Smite do in Minecraft? How to give your weapons extra damage

In Minecraft, the “Smite” enchantment is used to give your weapons extra damage against undead mobs. It is particularly effective against creatures like skeletons, zombies, and the Wither boss. Smite does not affect other types of mobs or players.

When you enchant a weapon with Smite, it increases the damage dealt to undead mobs, making them take more damage from your attacks. The higher the level of Smite, the more damage the weapon will deal to these mobs.

To enchant a weapon with Smite, follow these steps:

  1. Craft an Enchanting Table: If you haven’t already, craft an enchanting table using obsidian, diamonds, and a book.
  2. Gather Experience Points: You need experience points to enchant items. You can gain experience by mining, defeating mobs, or smelting items in a furnace.
  3. Create Bookshelves: Surround your enchanting table with bookshelves to increase the available enchantment levels. The more bookshelves you have, the higher the enchantment levels you can access.
  4. Enchant Your Weapon: Place the weapon you want to enchant in the enchanting table’s left slot. The available enchantments and their levels will appear on the right. Scroll through until you find “Smite.”
  5. Select Smite and Enchant: Click on the “Smite” enchantment to apply it to the weapon. The required experience points and lapis lazuli (blue dye) will be deducted.
  6. Retrieve Your Enchanted Weapon: Once you’ve enchanted the weapon with Smite, it will appear on the right side of the enchanting table. Simply drag it into your inventory.

The enchantment levels for Smite range from Smite I (lowest) to Smite V (highest). The higher the level, the more damage your weapon will deal to undead mobs. Keep in mind that the enchantments you get are random, so you might need to enchant multiple weapons to get the desired level of Smite.

Remember that enchanting can be resource-intensive, so be sure to choose the right weapon to enchant. Also, it’s a good idea to have backup weapons in case the one you’ve enchanted breaks.

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