What Does javascript:void(0); Mean

javascript:void(0); is a code fragment often used in hyperlinks or anchor tags. When a user clicks on a hyperlink with this code fragment as the href attribute, nothing happens on the page.

The void operator in JavaScript evaluates the expression following it and then returns undefined. When void is used in combination with 0, it returns undefined and doesn’t affect the current page or navigate to a new page.

This code is often used as a placeholder in hyperlinks or anchor tags where the actual destination URL is not yet known or has not yet been implemented. It can also be used as a workaround to prevent the default action of a hyperlink, such as preventing a form submission or preventing a page from reloading.

However, it’s important to note that using javascript:void(0); in modern web development is generally discouraged due to its negative impact on accessibility and SEO. It’s recommended to use a more semantic and meaningful href attribute in hyperlinks, even if the destination URL is not yet known or implemented.