What Does “ITT” Mean, and How Do You Use It? – How-To Geek

“ITT” stands for “In This Thread.” It is an internet acronym commonly used in online forums, social media, and chat platforms to indicate that the following content or discussion is related to the current topic or thread.

When someone uses “ITT,” they are usually summarizing the main subject of the thread or conversation and inviting others to contribute relevant information or opinions. It helps keep the discussion focused and on-topic.

Here’s an example of how “ITT” is used:

User 1: “What are your favorite movies?” User 2: “ITT: Let’s share our top 5 favorite movies!”

In this example, User 2 is using “ITT” to indicate that the subsequent responses in the thread should include users’ top 5 favorite movies. It sets the context and purpose for the following replies.

“ITT” is just one of many internet acronyms and shorthand used in online communication to make conversations more efficient and concise. When using acronyms like “ITT,” it’s essential to be mindful of the context and ensure that other users understand their meanings.

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